Creamy Oats

After my morning warm up by the fire with a bowl of oats I thought it was only right to share my recipe with you.

Made with Billies Sugared Spice to add a touch of magic. I also use a Spurtle to stir when cooking. Spurtles are a traditional Scottish stirring utensil made of Beech wood. They were popular in the days when porridge was cooked in huge pots over the fireplace during the night. Stirring your porridge with a Spurtle helps break down the starch and make it really creamy. They are also ideal for stirring soup, milk pudding, custard and mashed potato.

Get your Spurtle for just $6 from the Billies shop at 9 Oxford Road (phone 03 313 2121 first to check we are home) or you can just send an order via email or phone. For a limited time get a Billies Sugared Spice and Spurtle bundle for just $15!!!

In our recipe this week we have also included summer oats – A deliciously flavorsome mix from the fridge for warm summer mornings. A must try!

Love Billies…